Holiday accidents can lead to serious pain and suffering

| Jul 5, 2018 | Car Accidents

The Fourth of July holiday is often an event that Massachusetts residents celebrate with exuberance. Many individuals travel to see family and friends while they watch fireworks, enjoy cookouts and embrace the festivities of summer. However, the Fourth of July holiday is also a time when some families are plagued by accidents and tragedies, often brought on by the negligent conduct of others.

Drinking and driving and intoxicated boating can be serious problems for individuals who elect to be on the roads or water over the holiday week. Even if a person is sober they can still become the victim of a collision when a drunk driver smashes their car or boat into the automobile or watercraft of the victim. These collisions can be deadly when negligent parties fail to take care in their actions.

The attorneys and staff of the Law Offices of Bailey & Burke sincerely hope that the readers of their personal injury legal blog have a safe and fun Fourth of July holiday. However, they also know that not everyone is able to emerge from this time of year without suffering losses at the hands of other individuals.

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