Focus on back-to-school safety

| Jul 31, 2018 | Firm News

Like most parents in Massachusetts, you feel bittersweet about your children going back to school. Your kids might be bored and driving you crazy by now, but summer flew by much too fast. During back-to-school shopping and registration madness, it is also important to address safety concerns, especially when your children will be near traffic.

Whether your kids ride their bikes, walk to school or get on the bus, they may be at risk of a pedestrian accident when they cross the street near their bus stop or at any intersection close to school. Now is the time to review your rules and expectations with them, which should include the following:

  • Only cross the street at designated crosswalks or with a crossing guard.
  • Never run into the street or ride your bike into the road.
  • Don’t text on your phone while walking, especially when crossing the street.
  • Walk facing traffic, but ride your bike in the direction of traffic and be aware of cars exiting driveways and turning out of side streets.
  • Always follow the bus driver’s rules.
  • Cross the street where the bus driver tells you to cross.

Drivers also need to be aware that children will be starting school by the end of August, and that they will regularly be a part of morning traffic. Watch out for children on their bikes or walking. Always stop for a school bus that has its warning lights on and the safety arm extended. Be on the lookout for crossing guards, pedestrian lights and children who might unexpectedly dart out into traffic.

Traffic safety depends on everyone knowing the rules and the risks, from children and parents to drivers. Those who are observant and careful while walking or driving can keep the roads safer for everyone. You may be eligible to seek compensation if a negligent driver harmed your child.

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