Driver causes fatal accident when attempting to make pass

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2018 | Car Accidents

Every time that drivers in Massachusetts change lanes, they should put on their turn signal to notify other drivers of their intended action, check their mirrors and blind spot and wait for space before executing their move. Too often, however, impatient and dangerous drivers fail to undertake these potentially life-saving steps and put others in danger with their erratic driving behavior.

Recently a Brockton man was killed while attempting to do the simple task of turning into his driveway. The 54-year-old victim was making a turn onto his property when a vehicle attempted to pass him on his left side. The passing driver caused a collision with the victim’s vehicle and exposed him to serious injuries.

The collision was so severe that the victim had to be extracted from his automobile. He was taken to a local hospital and then transferred to a regional hospital before he ultimately succumbed to his injuries. It is unknown how many family members he has left behind in his passing.

Authorities have not announced if the driver who was attempt to pass the victim will face any charges, but the matter is under investigation. If they find that the passing driver was at fault in attempting to get around the victim’s vehicle, that individual may be held liable for the death of the other driver. Fatal motor vehicle accidents may be addressed in civil court through lawsuits based on the victim’s personal injuries, wrongful death and other losses. Our readers who have been affected by similar situations may need to get more information about their own unique circumstances.