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Road conditions that can cause auto accidents

On Behalf of | May 30, 2018 | Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Truck Accidents

Most motor vehicle accidents tend to be the result of driver error and sometimes due to poor weather conditions. However, another culprit that deserves more attention is the road itself. The very surface that you drive on can pose a danger and cause you to get into an accident.

Even if other factors are present, bad road conditions may still have played a role. Following a collision, check for one of these defects or hazards, as it can broaden liability in your case and help you receive more compensation. Take pictures of the accident scene to use as proof that you are not completely at fault, if at all.

Construction zones

Construction workers are not the only ones at risk in a work zone. Drivers are, as well. Detours may be unclear, flaggers may make mistakes and heavy equipment may fall into the path of drivers or on top of vehicles. Changes in speed limits, along with other helpful signs, must also be clearly visible to drivers.

Construction mistakes

Furthermore, construction companies may make errors in their work, leading to serious problems such as bridges that collapse and telephone poles that are in the wrong spots. Sometimes the error lies with the manufacturer of a product, such as in the case of defective guardrails that injured people in crashes across the nation instead of protecting them.

Lack of maintenance

Something as commonplace as a pothole can cause an accident by damaging tires and other vehicle parts or making the driver lose control of the car. The city and county are responsible for repairing, cleaning, clearing and maintaining streets to keep them as safe as possible. Things such as streetlights and traffic signals must also be in working order. Failure to maintain these things makes government entities accountable if an accident occurs as a result of roads being in poor condition.


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