An attorney can be an asset in a truck accident case

On Behalf of | May 10, 2018 | Truck Accidents

Accidents that happen on Massachusetts roads can range from annoyances to life-changing events. While some who are involved in collisions are able to walk away from their ordeals, others may spend the rest of their lives coping with the devastation that their accidents imparted upon them. Accidents with large trucks and commercial vehicles can be especially damaging and can leave victims unsure of where to turn.

A truck accident victim may be barely into their recovery before they receive communications from the trucking company involved in the crash. They may receive notices regarding possible settlements of their potential claims, or they may be pushed to respond by arbitrary deadlines that force them to act without sufficient time to weigh their options. These tactics can be stressful and unnerving to individuals who have dealt with serious accidents, and victims should not have to confront these matters alone.

The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke are prepared to counsel and represent victims of truck and other motor vehicle accidents. The attorneys of the firm understand that many people are confused by their legal options when it comes to settling, suing or taking other possible actions. Through case-specific counsel, clients are encouraged to ask their questions to make informed decisions about the legal options before them.

The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke are located in Worcester and truck accident victims throughout the region are invited to contact the firm for counsel and legal guidance. More information about the practice, its attorneys and other areas of personal injury representation may be found on the firm’s webpage on truck accidents.