Should I settle my motorcycle accident claims?

| Mar 8, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

After sustaining injuries in a motorcycle accident, a victim may not want to jump into what may become a lengthy legal battle. They may be tempted to accept a settlement offer put forth by the party that caused their harm and to simply release that party from any further responsibility for the losses they caused to the victim. While settlements can sometime serve the interests of Worcester motorcycle accident victims, readers are cautioned that settlement in these cases is not always the best course of action.

All personal injury cases, including those arising from motorcycle accidents, should be reviewed by personal injury attorneys who fight for victims’ rights. A settlement may provide a victim with what seems like a large sum of money, but in some situations, a victim may later discover that their personal injury losses are significantly more than what they received.

Consider, for example, a motorcyclist who is wrongfully struck by a car in an intersection. The victim suffers broken bones, a concussion and other ailments. They are forced to take a month off of work to recover and during that time are offered $25,000 from the party that hit them as a settlement.

A five-figure settlement may be appealing to this victim, but if they look into the future they may discover that their actual losses are much greater than they imagined. Their time off of work could cost them more than the settlement offer alone, and to that they must add their medical bills and hospitalization costs, pain and suffering and other relevant damages.

Settlements can work for some accident victims. They should not, however, be accepted by victims without first carefully considering their options and understanding what they must give up in order to secure the money offered by the opposing party.

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