Seek legal counsel after suffering an animal bite injury

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Animal Bites

A pet can deeply enrich a Massachusetts resident’s life. The ever-present wagging of a dog’s tail and the gentle rubbing up of a cat against a person’s legs can put a smile on a person’s face even after they have had to endure a long, grueling day. Domestic animals can be found in many Worcester homes and yards. Thankfully, most people’s family pets are generally well-behaved.

However, it is not uncommon for a news story to depict the unpleasant details of an animal encounter that went very wrong. Animals that attack can cause harm to humans can put them at risk for illnesses and long-term injuries. A victim of an animal attack may wonder if they caused the animal to take on such an aggressive posture or if there is anything they can do in the wake of sustaining serious animal attack injuries.

As previously discussed on this blog, animal owners are generally responsible for the harm that their pets cause. As such, victims generally have rights to seek compensation when animal attacks cause them to suffer losses. The Law Offices of Bailey & Burke, located in Worcester, include animal attack claims in their personal injury legal practice and are prepared to advise new clients of their rights and options for becoming whole in the wake of animal attacks.

Pets can become members of people’s families but the harm they cause is generally the responsibility of their owners. After an animal attack, a victim can be well-served to better understand their rights and to seek legal guidance about how Massachusetts courts handle this specific type of personal injury case.