Injuries from car accidents can take on many forms

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Car Accidents

A minor car accident can leave a victim with bumps and bruises while a serious accident may cause a victim to suffer paralysis, brain injury or even death. This post will examine some of the common types of injuries that vehicle accident victims may sustain in collisions, but readers of this Worcester personal injury blog are asked to seek independent medical and legal advice as this post provides general information only.

Starting at the top of a victim’s body, the head can endure a variety of types of trauma due to the impact of a car accident. When the head is thrown forward in a crash it may collide with window, steering column or dashboard, all of which may result in a concussion or other brain injury for the victim. The impact of a victim’s head into a hard surface can also cause bruising and a fracture of the bones of the face or skull.

A collision can cause a victim to suffer significant harm to their neck, and one of the most common forms of car accident injuries that victims endure is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when a victim’s neck is rapidly forced in opposite directions and strain occurs in the area. Whiplash can cause a victim to suffer a variety of side effects and can lead to pain in the shoulders and back as well.

Torso injuries, such as broken ribs and damaged organs can result from car accidents, and broken or severed limbs can be suffered by car accident victims as well. Cuts and other wounds can occur when glass and other accident debris cause lacerations on victims’ bodies.

After a car accident a victim should immediately seek medical help. The injuries a victim suffers in a vehicle collision are often compensable through personal injury-based legal claims in the civil courts of Massachusetts.