What is a spinal cord injury?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Car Accidents

Car accidents happen frequently on Massachusetts roads. While most vehicle collisions result in victims suffering bruises and property damage, some are very serious in that they cause victims significant personal harm. One of the most devastating forms of personal injury that a person may sustain in a vehicle accident is a spinal cord injury, and this post will look at the consequences of these tragic injuries.

A spinal cord injury happens when the spinal cord or surrounding nerves are damaged. Harm to the spinal cord can cause a wide range of symptoms, from pain and uncomfortable nerve sensations to paralysis and the loss of important bodily functions. Because the consequences of spinal cord injuries can be so immense to the physical character of a victim’s body, they may also suffer emotional and psychological harm as they learn to cope with their post-accident limitations.

The spinal cord runs down the human body and connects the brain to nerves that run throughout the rest of the system. When a victim suffers a spinal cord injury at the bottom of the spinal column then their resulting symptoms may only affect the parts of their body below the site of the injury. However, the higher on the spinal cord that a victim suffers an injury, the more pervasive their losses may be as injuries generally cause complications for all systems that operate below the location of the injury.

Treatment options are available for victims of spinal cord injuries but not all victims will experience complete recoveries. Many must live their lives with serious and life-altering limitations; when a car accident causes a victim to suffer a spinal cord injury that that victim may wish to learn more about their options for recovery from a trusted personal injury attorney.