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What damages may I seek after an animal attack?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | Animal Bites

Although many of the animals that Worchester residents maintain as pets are harmless, loving creatures, some harbor latent dangers that their owners may not even be aware of. Dog bites and attacks are unfortunately common, and when they occur, they can leave victims with serious injuries, significant expenses and even lost income.

Victims of animal attacks should always seek medical attention after their incidents. Animals can carry diseases that can, in comes cases, be fatal in humans if left untreated. At the very least, victims should have their wounds properly dressed and their injuries documented as soon as possible after being bitten.

Seeking medical help after an incident will often leave a victim with costs associated with their medical care. Those costs can be included in their lawsuit for damages based on their animal attack case; when serious attacks leave victims unable to go to work, they may also include as damages the income that they lost during their periods of recuperation.

Being attacked by an animal can be a terrifying and traumatic experience. Victims of these violent encounters can suffer emotional and physical harm for many years after their incidents. As such, damages based on pain and suffering are often permitted in animal attack lawsuits.

Finally, victims of animal bites and attacks can seek compensation for any property damage they suffer in their incidents. Anything that the animal destroyed during the course of the attack may be included as a loss for the victim.

An animal bite or attack is a serious medical and legal matter. Legal professionals can help victims of these traumatic instances to understand their options for seeking the damages they deserve. As all cases are different, it is important that readers remember that this post provides an overview of possible animal bite damages and does not claim that all forms of damages will be applicable to all legal cases.


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