Motorcycle accidents are often caused by right of way mistakes

| Jan 11, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

Massachusetts has codified a set of rules that govern how drivers on the roads should act in the event that they approach intersections at the same time as other motorists. Deciding who will go first and how others should follow concerns the drivers’ right of way, or the right of a driver to go before others.

Right of way is an incredibly important aspect of driving as following the rules prevents a multitude of accidents each year; however, it is often the case that drivers fail to acknowledge the right of way of motorcyclists and for this reason many car-motorcycle accidents occur.

For example, it is generally the rule that a vehicle may not turn left in front of oncoming traffic. The turning car generally must yield to oncoming traffic and wait until there is a break to make their turn. A driver may misjudge the speed or proximity of an oncoming motorcycle and make a left turn in front of it, causing a collision that could have been prevented through respecting the motorcyclist’s right of way.

Accidents between cars and motorcycles occur in a number of different ways, such as the failure of vehicle drivers to see motorcycles in their blind spots or to check for them before they make permissible driving maneuvers, such as passing or changing lanes. While in some cases motorcyclists may be responsible for the accidents they are involved in, it is not uncommon for drivers to be the responsible parties for motorcyclists’ injuries and losses.

A motorcyclist who is hurt in an accident with another vehicle may have rights. Whether their incident was caused by a right of way issue or another event, they may wish to take timely action and investigate their options for seeking compensation for their damages from their motorcycle accident.

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