Negligent drivers put motorcyclists in harm’s way

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

The following scenario is not an uncommon sight to witness on Massachusetts roads: two drivers approach an intersection in opposing directions, and the vehicle that must yield to oncoming traffic hurries through the intersection so that it does not have to wait any longer than necessary. The actions of the vehicle’s driver are dangerous because the driver’s conduct is potentially negligent and their hurry to get across the intersection may put others in the path of collisions.

While collisions between vehicles in situations like this do happen, this is one of the most common ways that collisions between vehicles and motorcycles occur. In around two out of every three automobile-motorcycle crashes the vehicle’s driver failed to yield or otherwise respect the motorcyclist’s right of way and created the dangerous situation that led to the vehicles’ crash.

One reason that right of way issues may be a problem for motorcyclists is that they are small and their speed may be difficult to judge by other drivers. Known as visual recognition, drivers often struggle to see motorcycles and their riders when they share the road, and motorcycles can disappear into blind spouts, shadows and other driving obstructions when drivers fail to pay attention to their presence. The failure of a driver to check their mirrors, drive at an appropriate speed or otherwise eliminate distractions from their vehicle may lead to their failure to identify a motorcyclist and their negligent failure to yield to the motorcycle’s right of way.

Injures from collisions between vehicles and motorcycles can be fatal, particularly for motorcyclists. The recovery a motorcyclist may face after an accident can be lengthy and painful. Victims of motorcycle accidents do often have legal rights and can often pursue their damages with the help of personal injury lawyers.