Massachusetts boy suffers fatal dog bites in horrific attack

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2017 | Animal Bites

Sometimes, when humans and animals collide, it isn’t the cozy cat and puppy videos we love to watch on social media. Sometimes animals can be very dangerous, and it can be difficult to discern when this could happen. It can be especially difficult for a child to know the difference between a docile family pet and a dangerous animal. Such an incident of animal violence occurred and resulted in a shocking death of a Massachusetts boy.

The boy, only seven years old, was apparently mauled by two pit bulls when he entered a fenced area where they were kept. The attack happened in the early evening, and adults were made aware of it when they heard screaming across the street and called the local authorities. By the time the police arrived, the child had already lost his life. This horrific attack makes people wonder about why the dogs were so aggressive.

Pit bulls have caught a bad rap due to their connection with animal bites and even fatal attacks like this one. In a situation like this, an owner is responsible for a dog’s aggressive and unacceptable behavior. Many have argued that pit bull aggression is directly connected to an owner’s inability to properly train or care for the dog. Regardless, the family, and especially the mother, must be wondering just how this could happen.

Trying to understand what triggered this incident can hopefully prevent other animal attack deaths in the future. However, that will not bring back the little boy who was viciously attacked. This incident is probably grounds for a wrongful death suit based on an owner’s inability to stop them from fatally attacking an innocent child. Children may not know better, but an adult and owner of a dog certainly should.

Source: The Washington Post, “It’s my baby, it’s my baby: Two pit bulls fatally maul 7 year old boy in Mass; authorities say,” Travis M. Andrews, October 23, 2017