Woman arraigned in connection with fatal accident, OUI suspected

| Sep 15, 2017 | Wrongful Death

There are rules and laws for a reason. Most often, rules and laws are recommended, and ultimately enacted, because it helps to keep people safe. Putting a limitation on the amount a motor-vehicle driver can drink or what substances they can use before getting behind the wheel are aimed at ensuring the safety of everyone on the road. Sadly, a multi-vehicle crash left one dead with a woman to be arraigned in connection with her role in the crash.

It all started on Massachusetts I-95. According to authorities, the woman in question was driving erratically when she hit a Subaru, causing it to go into oncoming traffic where it came into contact with a motorcyclist who flew off the bike and under another car. Attempts were made to save his life but sadly the motorcyclist died in connection with their injuries. Authorities believe that the woman was under the influence of drugs and her record indicated that she has previously been charged with DUI and license suspensions.

Driving sober sounds like such an easy goal to attain and in reality, it should be. However, some drivers still make the poor choice of getting behind the wheel when they are not fit to drive. In this case, although the woman has not been convicted of the crime she is accused of, evidence is pointing towards her guilt in connection with the fatal accident. Beyond a criminal suit, the family will likely seek their own damages in relation with their loved one’s death.

It can be hard to predict which drivers are sober and which may be intoxicated. While there are some warning signs such as erratic driving, it isn’t always easily apparent. An intoxicated driver is a dangerous driver. One family found this out the hard way when they lost their loved one.

Source: boston.cbslocal.com, “Driver in Fatal Multi-Car Crash on I-95 in Reading to be Arraigned Friday,” August 24, 2017

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