What are the common injuries motorcycle drivers may face?

| Sep 8, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists face many hazards when riding on Massachusetts roads. No matter how safe a motorcyclist is, there are always other drivers to deal with. Motorcycle awareness campaigns have helped increase a driver’s awareness of motorcycles on the road but accidents still occur.

Motorcycle accidents often involve serious injuries. This is because a motorcycle does not give its driver a lot of protection. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that up to 80 percent of accidents that involve motorcyclists result in injuries or death. There are many kinds of injuries a motorcyclist can suffer if involved in an accident. Bone fractures are common because in most accidents, a motorcycle falls over, crushing a rider’s leg. Leg fractures are the most common injury for a hospitalized motorcycle accident victim. Wrist and arm breaks are also common injuries.

Road rash is another common injury for motorcycle drivers. Road rash is caused when a person’s skin makes contact with a hard surface. This injury can range from mild to severe, which requires immediate medical attention. Head injuries can occur as well and they can be very serious. A traumatic brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability in a motorcycle crash. A head injury can affect a person for the rest of their lives.

If a person has been involved in a motorcycle accident, they may want to speak with a legal professional skilled in personal injury. A motorcycle accident often involves serious injuries which can result in crippling medical expenses and the inability to go to work. An attorney can help a family find out what happened to their loved one and if anyone is at fault for the accident. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, pain and suffering, future medical expenses and other damages.

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