Suspect loved one victim of wrongful death? Here are the basics

| Sep 28, 2017 | Wrongful Death

Trying to make sense of a loved one’s unexpected death can be a painful and difficult experience. While loved ones need time to grieve the sudden death of their family member or friend, there comes a point where one starts to wonder exactly what caused a person’s death. A coroner can tell you ultimately what physical ailment caused a person’s death. However, they rarely can tell you exactly how or why it happened.

This is especially true if the person was the victim of a fatal accident due to the negligence of another. A coroner could tell loved ones that the person died due to massive internal injuries due to a car accident, but he or she would be unable to tell you how that car accident occurred. If a person was breaking the law, driving recklessly or otherwise negligent for the person’s death, they can be held accountable. Beyond criminal charges, the person could face a wrongful death suit.

Wrongful death suits aim to gather damages due to the loss of a loved one because of another’s negligence. Sometimes accidents are just accidents, however, oftentimes it can be pinpointed to the specific careless behavior of another. While others often do not intend for anyone to be fatally injured, intent need not be established. Wrongful death cases have a lower threshold of proof than do criminal cases in proving guilt.

These lawsuits are not limited to just car accidents, it could be a work accident or other type of accident in which a loved one unexpectedly loses their life. Damages could include any medical costs incurred, funeral expenses, loss of wages and other emotional turmoil. It can really help to ease the financial burden on a family when a wrongful death case does prove to achieve damages. This can really help the family in the long-term not to have to face financial burdens due to the loss of their loved one.

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