Worcester pedestrian injured by automobile, DUI suspected

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2017 | Car Accidents

Accidents can happen so fast. One moment everything is normal, and the next, you are laying in a hospital bed injured after a run-in. Or at least, that might have been what it felt like for a pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle and injured in Worcester. The driver who hit the pedestrian has been arrested for charged related to drunken driving for her involvement in the crash.

The incident happened on Cambridge Street. The pedestrian attempted to cross the street and was struck by a Subaru Outback driven by the alleged drunken driver. The driver did not flee the scene, but she did pull over and allegedly throw two small bottles of whiskey under a nearby vehicle before coming to the scene of the crash. When the authorities asked the woman about her bloodshot eyes, she acknowledged that she had been drinking, “a little.”

Luckily it appears that the pedestrian is going to live, however his injuries were fairly extensive to his head, arm and leg. While at a nearby hospital, he will do his best to recover fully from his injuries. Meanwhile, the family is likely wondering what this means for the injured and themselves. Since it looks like the driver is facing criminal charges for her involvement in the car accident that day, a guilty verdict could aid the injured family in recuperating expenses and losses in a personal injury suit.

Trying to put the pieces together of exactly what happened that day can at first be difficult to do. However, the police investigation could help immensely to bring details to light. These details can help to determine the level of guilt or responsibility of those involved. Armed with that information, those who have suffered losses can seek retribution.

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