Summer may bring increased risk of dog bites

| Jul 11, 2017 | blog

When summer comes, you may be eager to hit the pool or visit the park. You will not be the only one looking to enjoy warmer weather. Many dog owners, too, will be taking their canines out to frolic and run free. According to ABC News, summer is the time when kids are most at risk of being bitten by a dog. Kids and adults alike, though, can be victimized by dogs that are simply too aggressive.

This is important to keep in mind when you head out to have fun and find yourself or your family in the company of canines. Though not all dogs bite, all dogs have the potential to do so. The following are three reasons why dogs may feel the need to bite this summer season.

Kids unintentionally provoke

Kids often enjoy approaching dogs and playing with them, but this can be disastrous when a child does not understand how to do so safely. Even if a child is gentle, failure to read a dog’s body language could result in an injury. A dog might interpret a friendly pet on the back as a threat, and when a kid does not see the warning signs — or if there are none — the dog might lash out and bite.

Heat may cause irritability

It is obviously warmer in the summer than it is in other months, and while humans might enjoy the sunshine, dogs could find it irritating. This is especially true of dogs with thick fur that are at risk of overheating. If a dog is panting excessively, it may be a precursor to aggression.

Big crowds are stressful

Just as people can get stressed out by the environment found in large crowds, dogs can too. If owners bring canines to areas where there are many people, they may feel confined and bite in response. It is important that dogs always have enough space to move freely and comfortably when they are around others.

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