Besides emotional loss, how can wrongful death impact a family?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2017 | Wrongful Death

When the unimaginable happens, how does the worst news of a person’s life affect them? Everyone in Massachusetts responds to the loss of a loved one differently, especially sudden loss. It’s important for a person to go through the grieving process when a loved one dies suddenly. Sometimes a sudden death is affiliated with a wrongful death suit that alleges negligence on behalf of the responsible parties. Families seek out these suits after suffering not only the emotional loss of a person, but the financial and tangible losses that also tend to occur.

Losing family members like children, spouses, parents or siblings can have a huge impact on a family. There is usually a “before” and an “after,” even to the point where your life feels split into two parts. Besides the emotional loss, a family may suffer financial losses directly related to the incident like medical expenses in an attempt to save their loved one’s life, funeral expenses and other expensive events that were directly caused by the accident or injury they suffered on behalf of another. However, a negligent party isn’t necessarily just going to hand over the kind of funds one would need to cover these expenses.

That’s why some families make the decision to file a wrongful death suit, especially when they suspect wrong-doing or negligence by another person or people. For example, maybe a person’s employer should have taken more safety precautions, or maybe a driver on Massachusetts roads should have been more careful. Beyond the immediate costs that often swirl around the loss of a loved one, there is the lost wages that could have supported a family that will no longer be coming in due to the loved one’s unexpected death. These damages fall under different categories, but those who suspect wrongful death have the right to seek them.

Luckily, most people will never know the pain associated with losing a loved one in this manner. For those that do, it’s important to better the situation for yourself and loved ones in whatever way possible. This may include seeking damages in a wrongful death suit to help off-set the financial losses a person has and will suffer. The responsible party can be held responsible for their choices.

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