Dog bite victims should know their legal protections

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Animal Bites

Each year thousands of people in the United States are bitten by animals, usually by dogs. Animal bites commonly require immediate medical attention, which should be sought whenever necessary. Medical treatment, of course, is likely to result in medical expenses due to the medical care and treatment. Dog bites and animal attacks may also lead to disabling injuries and scarring and disfigurement, which can require multiple surgeries and ongoing medical care.

Victims of a dog bite attack may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages, among other damages, through a personal injury claim. To make a claim for damages following a dog attack, it is important to obtain contact information for the owner of the dog and any witnesses to the dog attack, and be familiar with dog bite laws in the state where the animal attack took place.

Massachusetts follows strict liability dog bite law, which holds pet owners, except in very limited circumstances, responsible for the harm caused by their pets in an animal attack or dog bite situation. Provided that the victim was not trespassing or teasing or tormenting the dog when attacked, the owner will be held liable for the damages suffered by the victim of the dog bite injury. Victims of dog bite injuries may be able to recover compensation for the physical, financial and emotional damages associated with a dog bite and animal attack.

Victims of dog bites and animal attacks may face a difficult road ahead of them, with many challenges associated with the recovery process. As a result, it is important for them to be familiar with the important legal resources available to them when they have been harmed.

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