Motorcycle accident-related brain injuries are costly for victims

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

Brain injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents are a leading cause of accident-related deaths. Victims of motorcycle accidents can face permanent physical injuries and mental impacts as a result of a motorcycle-related brain injury. Additionally, the financial costs of a brain injury can be significant and burdensome for both victims and their families. While wearing a helmet can help, a wide range of brain injuries can result from a motorcycle accident including traumatic brain injuries and hemorrhages.

Life following a motorcycle accident can be difficult, and even daily activities can be challenging. Motorcycle accident victims may face permanent physical, cognitive, social and emotional changes and disabilities. Victims who have suffered a brain injury in a motorcycle accident may suffer the loss of motor skills and coordination; cognitive deficits; memory loss, poor ability to focus and poor concentration; personality changes, depression, mood changes and excessive anger; an inability to work and earn income, as well as other challenges.

The Journal of the American College of Surgeons reports that inpatient medical costs for motorcycle accident-related brain injuries can be greater than double the costs of accident victims who do not suffer a brain injury. In circumstances of a severe brain injury, victims may require lifelong medical treatment. Victims may require a variety of different kinds of treatment and care including vocational rehabilitation, home modifications and health insurance. Victims and families can be faced with overwhelming financial burdens as a result of brain injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. According to the National Foundation of Brain Research, the average medical and non-medical costs for survivors of traumatic brain injuries is approximately $151,000.

It is vital that victims of brain injuries, and their families, are familiar with the legal options available to help them with the physical, financial and emotional costs associated with brain injuries. The legal resources available mean victims and their families do not have to face the difficult road ahead following a brain injury alone.

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