Massachusetts dog bite law protects victims of animal attacks

| Sep 29, 2016 | Animal Bites

Dog bites and animal attacks can result in serious injuries and death in some circumstances. Dog bites can occur in different ways, and for different reasons,. An animal attack of any sort can be traumatic and victims may suffer physical injuries and physical and emotional scars as a result. Victims may never be the same following the damages suffered in an animal attack.

Victims and their families may find, following an animal attack, that they unexpectedly incur medical bills; future medical care costs; lost earnings; psychological trauma; emotional distress; scarring and disfigurement; medical costs associated with treating the pain and suffering associated with an animal attack and possible costs associated with multiple surgeries that may be necessary to repair disfiguring injuries caused by a dog attack. The toll an animal attack can take on victims and their families can be significant.

Under Massachusetts dog bite law, the owner of a dog or other animal that injures or otherwise harms a victim in an animal attack is liable for the damages the victim has suffered. Massachusetts dog bite law is referred to as a strict dog bite law which holds pet owners strictly liable for the harm their pets cause, regardless of the circumstances or any precautions taken. Victims are not required to prove fault and pet owners are strictly liable for the harm victims suffer, provided victims do not tease, torment or abuse the animal prior to the animal attack.

The recovery process from an animal attack can be slow and painful, but the legal system provides options for victims. As insurance companies are often involved, it is important to keep track of records associated with medical treatment, which can help victims recover compensation to aid them with the complicated journey that can be the physical and emotional recovery process from a dog attack.

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