What are some tips to keep motorcyclists safe?

| Aug 18, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

Because it is important to safely share the road with all different types of vehicles, tips to help promote motorcycle safety can be useful for drivers to understand. Because motorcycles are smaller, they are also more difficult to see which also leaves motorcyclists more vulnerable if they do get into an accident. The size of motorcycles may also cause them to appear faster and further away than they are. In addition, motorcycles do not have the same safety features of passenger vehicles that makes motorcycle accident victims especially vulnerable to injuries when a motorcycle accident occurs.

Tips for safe driving around motorcycles can be helpful for drivers to learn and understand. It is useful to increase your safe driving distance to 4 seconds when following a motorcycle. It is also useful to allow additional space during inclement weather because inclement weather can increase challenges motorcyclists face. Drivers of passenger vehicles should also keep in mind to check their blind spots frequently for motorcycles.

It is also important to remain alert for motorcycles which can be difficult to see. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 44 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents involving 2 vehicles during 2013 resulted from a passenger vehicle turning left in front of an oncoming motorcycle that was continuing on straight. It is useful to make eye contact with a motorcyclist when turning and exercise additional caution, keeping in mind that motorcycles do not have self-cancelling turn signals. In general, it is good practice to look out for other motorists on the roadways.

When drivers fail to exercise necessary caution and care, motorcycle accidents can result, leaving a significant mark on victims. The legal system provides resources to help injured motorcyclists with the challenges they face. Negligent, or careless drivers may be liable to compensate motorcycle accident victims for the physical, financial and emotional harm they have suffered associated with a motorcycle accident.

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