Options available when injured by a defective product

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2016 | Wrongful Death

Defective products can cause serious and potentially catastrophic injuries that can result in death. In Massachusetts, products must be safe for a reasonably intended and foreseeable use. In addition, products must include proper instructions and sufficient warnings. When a product causes serious injuries or death, the product manufacturer may be liable to victims or family members of lost loved ones for the damages and harm they have suffered.

Products liability law is available to help victims injured by defective products through personal injury and wrongful death options. Problems can include products with inadequate instructions; products that malfunction such as seat belts or air bags or other products; poorly designed products such as power tools or others; improperly manufactured products; dangerous prescription drugs; or harmful products such as asbestos.

It is important for victims and their families to keep records of medical expenses and record the changes in daily life. Victims and their families can suffer a variety of different types of damages including medical bills; future medical care costs; lost earnings; lost-earning capacity; scarring; disfigurement and the costs associated with repairing disfigurement injuries; pain and suffering damages; and damages associated with emotional distress and counseling services. Family members of loved ones may suffer medical and funeral expenses, in addition to other financial and emotional losses which may be recoverable through a wrongful death action.

It can be difficult working with large manufacturers, drug companies and insurance companies and holding them accountable often involves the use of experts and medical professionals. It is important for victims and their families to understand how to protect themselves, however, following the harm suffered because of a defective product. Lawyers at our firm use their experience and knowledge for their client’s benefit and help protect their rights.