Resources are available to help victims of distracted drivers

| Jun 16, 2016 | Car Accidents

Distracted driving is becoming an increasingly common and dangerous problem. Unfortunately, distracted drivers who use their cells phones and text while driving cause serious accidents that result in injuries and even death. Distracted driving is considered negligent driving and drivers who engage in distracted driving may be liable to compensate victims and their families for the damages they suffer.

Distracted driving includes a number of activities that have a detrimental impact on the driver’s ability to pay attention to the road and safely operate their vehicle. Distracted driving can include any activities that remove the driver’s focus from the roadway including cell phone use, texting while driving, operating other devices while driving such as a navigation system or radio, eating while driving, grooming while driving and even interacting with passengers while driving.

It is important to establish, definitely, when distracted driving played a role in the car accident. It can have an impact on who is liable to compensate the car accident victim for their injuries, damages and the harm they have suffered. It is also important to identify third parties who may be liable to compensate injured victims for their injuries. For instance, a negligent driver may be responsible for the harm suffered by the victim but an employer could be as well if the distracted driver was conducting work-related business on their phone at the time of the accident.

Victims of distracted driving-related car accidents may suffer a variety of unexpected physical, financial and emotional damages that they need help with. The legal system recognizes this and provides the personal injury process to help ensure they receive the compensation they need to focus on recovery from the harm they have suffered. Lawyers at our law firm are committed to protecting their client’s rights and getting them the compensation they deserve.

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