Common causes of truck accidents and tips to prevent them

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2016 | Truck Accidents

Truck accidents occur in a variety of different ways and for a variety of different reasons. Poor driving habits can lead to truck accidents but other factors can also cause accidents. While understanding how truck accidents are caused and how they can be avoided is certainly helpful, it is important for truck accident victims to also be familiar with resources available to help them.

The top ten reasons truck accidents occur include the truck driver’s failure to obey the rules of the road; truck drivers speeding or accelerating in an unsafe manner; truck drivers braking or decelerating in an improper manner; under-inflated tires on the truck; poor truck maintenance or repair work; cargo that shifts on the truck or a commercial truck that has not been loaded properly; truck driver fatigue when they do not observe proper rest break regulations; truck drivers abusing substances such as alcohol or drugs; blind-spot driving; and careless or reckless driving.

For a number of reasons, truck companies should have safety, maintenance and training plans. Truckers should know the rules of the road and be trained in both formal and informal rules that govern the roadways to help ensure safety. In general, truck drivers should be knowledgeable and properly trained concerning the importance of adhering to speed limits; who has the right of way in any given situation; how to correctly approach and pass through intersections; how to properly use turn signals; and how to follow all traffic lights and traffic signs designed to keep everyone safe on the roadways.

Truck accidents can be significantly costly for everyone, especially physically, financially and emotionally for victims. When a truck accident occurs and victims suffer harm, it is important for victims facing an uncertain future following a truck accident to understand the legal options available to help them recover compensation for the damages they have suffered.

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