Understanding car accident investigations and reconstruction

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2015 | Car Accidents

Oftentimes, when people in the Worcester area hear about a car accident, they may also hear about accident investigation or accident reconstruction. Car accident investigations can be an important part of the process following a car accident. Many auto accidents, especially those that result in injury or death, will be the subject of an accident investigation and sometimes, the car accident will be reconstructed to shed further light on what happened.

Both police and independent investigators may investigate and reconstruct car accidents. The police will investigate an accident to determine if any criminal activity occurred. As part of their investigation, police may seek to determine if any speeding or alcohol or drug use were involved in the car accident. Police will also try to find out if any mechanical violations or service hour violations contributed to the accident. In circumstances when a truck driver, for instance, has violated service hour rules and, as a result, driver fatigue contributes to an accident, the driver may be criminally charged.

In addition, car accidents may also be investigated by independent investigators. Independent car accident investigations are typically used to determine liability or responsibility for damages caused in the accident. In general, criminal charges or citations are used as evidence of liability and may be used to seek compensation for victims from the party liable for causing the car accident. During an accident investigation, the accident site will be evaluated and the vehicles will be inspected. An accident reconstruction may also be performed. Many aspects of the car accident can be determined from an accident reconstruction.

Whenever a car accident has been negligently caused by one or more parties, victims may have a number of questions and concerns. It is important during the difficult period of time that likely follows an unexpected car accident that victims are aware of their legal rights. Massachusetts law allows accident victims to hold the responsible party accountable for all damages that they have caused.

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