What are some tips to help keep motorcyclists safe?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

Spring always brings the return of motorcyclists to the roadways. Motorcycle riders may look forward to a summer of fun, however, other vehicles on the roadways can pose a danger to motorcyclists. Greater than half of all motorcycle accidents involve another motor vehicle and liability for the motorcycle accident most often rests with the driver of the other motor vehicle.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers tips to help motor vehicle drivers keep themselves and motorcyclists safe. Motorcycles are sometimes not on the radar of other drivers and they do not think to look for them. Because motorcycles are smaller visual targets, and can easily be missed, it is important to be watchful for motorcycles especially when turning or changing lanes, for example. Motorcycles may also appear different when travelling down the roadway than other motor vehicles, making it difficult to judge their distance or speed. It is best to assume that an oncoming motorcycle is traveling more quickly than you think and is closer than they may initially appear.

Motorcycles may stop differently than passenger vehicles and may adjust within their lane due to roadway conditions or for increased visibility. In addition, turn signals on motorcycles are not typically self- cancelling which makes it important to closely pay attention to the motorcycle’s activity. Motor vehicle drivers are also advised to provide adequate space for motorcycles to maneuver.

A tragic motorcycle accident can impact multiple families and have a lasting impact on motorcycle accident victims. When the driver of a motor vehicle has failed to take reasonable steps for the safety of motorcyclists, and caused a motorcycle accident, the driver may be liable to a number of victims impacted by their careless actions. Just as it is important for drivers to understand how to help protect motorcyclists, it is important for motorcyclists to understand the ways they are legally protected when harmed.

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