Dog bite dangers in the Boston area

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2015 | Animal Bites

Dog bite dangers in their communities are something individuals and families likely want to be aware of to avoid harm. In nearby Boston, records kept by officials reveal that 661 dog bites were reported in the area from early 2012 to mid 2014. Although pit bulls account for 3 percent of dogs registered in Boston, 150 of the reported 661 dog bite incidents allegedly involved pit bulls. Pit bull adoptions are on the rise in the area.

While some data may suggest that pit bull-related dog attacks are increasing in Boston, one expert notes that socialization and proper training are necessary for pit bulls to avoid incidents in their communities. Another expert noted that some pit bull tendencies toward hunting and fighting were bread into the dogs over a considerable period of time and until those characteristics can patiently be reversed, responsible pet ownership must be relied upon to ensure safety.

One research study also noted that pit bull dog attacks may be more lethal and result in higher hospital costs for the victim. Victims of dog bites and dog attacks can suffer extensive injuries, including physical and emotional trauma. Dog bite injuries can result in costly medical expenses and pain and suffering. In Massachusetts, largely regardless of the circumstances, pet owners are liable for any injuries, harm and damages their pets cause.

The laws in Massachusetts hold pet owners strictly liable for the harm their pets cause. Damages associated with a dog bite injury can sometimes be extensive and may remain with a victim, both physically and emotionally, well into the future which is why Massachusetts’ dog bite laws seek to ensure that victims are protected and have resources available to pursue a claim for damages when harmed.

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