Worcester truck accident claims a life

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2014 | Truck Accidents

Victims of truck accidents should be aware that the legal system is prepared to help them in different ways following a truck accident. Law enforcement authorities in Worcester are questioning a truck driver believed to be involved in a recent fatal truck accident in Worcester. The 60-year old victim was struck by the dump truck at an intersection and later died in the hospital from the serious injuries he suffered in the truck accident. According to witnesses, the truck driver did not stop after hitting the victim. With the help of witness reports and surveillance cameras, law enforcement investigators were able to identify the truck driver and locate him; he was taken to police headquarters to be questioned.

Extensive injuries and harm can be caused by truck accidents, leaving victims with medical bills, physical pain, emotional trauma and sometimes and inability to work. Because of this, victims may sometimes need to seek out resources to help with the extensive harm and damages they have suffered following a truck accident.

In circumstances when a truck accident has negligently harmed a victim, the truck driver, and the truck company depending on the circumstances, may be liable to the victim for damages. Victims, and surviving family members of victims, may be able to recover damages when they have been harmed by an inattentive truck driver, and truck driver who was speeding, a truck driver experiencing truck driver fatigue, an unqualified truck driver or when a truck driver has engaged in some other type of negligence.

Victims who have suffered damages after being harmed in a truck accident may be able to bring either a personal injury or wrongful death claim, depending on the situation. A successful claim may allow victims to recover compensation for a variety of damages they may have suffered including the physical, financial and emotional harm of a truck accident.

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