What options are available following an on-the-job accident?

| Dec 24, 2014 | Wrongful Death

Personal injury accidents, including wrongful death accidents, can occur in a variety of different situations. Construction workers, for instance, can suffer serious injuries following a fall on the job. In addition, serious falling accidents may sometimes be fatal. Victims, and families of victims, may wonder what options may be available, and in what circumstances, to help with the harm suffered.

Scaffolding on construction sites must be properly manufactured, constructed, maintained and properly utilized to ensure the safety of workers. Workers who receive injuries, and in some circumstances families of workers who have been killed, from a scaffolding or other construction fall may be able to recover damages for the harm suffered.

There may be different avenues of recovery for victims and their families, including workers’ compensation benefits or personal injury and wrongful death benefits in some instances. The nature of the compensation victims and their families may receive depends on the nature of the harm suffered, while the type of claim for damages that is made generally depends on the nature of the accident and who is responsible for the harm suffered.

For those who have suffered harm following a serious construction accident, workers’ compensation benefits may help with medical expenses, lost wages, disability or survivors’ benefits. In addition, a personal injury or wrongful death claim may provide recovery for medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of support and services and pain and suffering damages.

Because different options may be available for injured workers and their families based on the nature of each unique situation, it is important to be familiar with the options available. Armed with an understanding of the options that may be available, victims and their families may be to better evaluate the remedies available to them. For more information, visit our wrongful death page.

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