Head-on collision between truck and SUV kills woman

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2014 | Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can have a shattering impact on the lives of victims. A semi truck accident about 90 minutes northeast of Worcester recently claimed the life of a 59-year old woman. The driver of the tractor trailer that crossed the median and struck the woman’s SUV was driving for a company out of Massachusetts. The tractor trailer crashed through a steel guardrail, through a median and into the woman’s SUV head-on. Authorities from the state police commercial vehicle enforcement unit were called in to examine the truck for mechanical defects and speak to the 58-year-old truck driver.

The head-on collision was described as “severe,” according to one official. The commercial vehicle enforcement unit will look for any evidence of distracted driving, texting while driving or if the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. While authorities have yet to rule out a medical condition, they will also look to determine if the driver was tired at the time of the crash and will examine his trucking log book.

Various types of truck accidents can lead to costly damages in terms of human life, as well as financial and emotional impact. Due to the severity of harm that can result from a semi truck accident, victims and their families have protections to help them recover damages. If a negligent operator, such as an inattentive truck driver, a drunk truck driver or an operator experiencing truck driver fatigue, has harmed an accident victim or a loved one, victims may be able to hold the truck driver liable for death, injuries or property damage. Depending on the actions – or lack thereof – of the truck driver’s employer before a crash, the truck company may also be liable harm.

Truck accidents can cause extensive harm in the lives of families and victims. It is important to note that the legal system is aware of the harm suffered by victims of truck accidents and provides legal remedies for victims as a result.

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