Massachusetts’ car accident kills one and injures several others

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2014 | Car Accidents

Car accident victims do not have to suffer without legal remedies or recourse when they have suffered harm. Only an hour from Worcester, a head-on collision recently led to a multi-vehicle accident. The accident resulted in the death of one person and injured five other people. The accident occurred when an SUV, driven by a 53-year old man, crossed a median and struck a passenger vehicle. A 58-year old woman in the passenger vehicle was killed and the other two occupants of the passenger vehicle, a 62-year old man and 28-year man, were both critically injured and taken by helicopter to a local hospital. The driver of the SUV, as well as a 5-year old passenger in the SUV, suffered minor injuries. The SUV then went on to strike another passenger vehicle, injuring both of its 25-year old female occupants.

As we are all unfortunately aware, car accidents can result in different types of harm. Serious injuries and death can result from a car accident. There are different types of remedies available to victims of a car accident depending on the type of harm the victim has suffered. As such, different types of damages may be available to injured victims depending on the nature of the accident. Both injured victims and surviving family members of loved ones killed in a car accident may be able to bring a claim for damages.

When the lack of care of another driver causes a car accident that results in injuries or death, victims may bring a personal injury or wrongful death claim for recovery of damages. Damages can include those suffered, such as medical expenses or funeral costs, as well as those that may be suffered in the future, such as lost earnings or lost prospect of inheritance, and pain and suffering damages.

Car collisions can leave victims unexpectedly harmed. The process of recovering damages for the harm suffered is intended to make the victim once again as whole as possible in the circumstances.

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