Woman charged in fatal Worcester hit-and-run accident

| May 1, 2014 | Wrongful Death

Family members of those wrongfully killed in a fatal accident should be aware that there are different options for legal recourse against the responsible party.

A woman was recently charged with motor vehicle homicide following a fatal accident in Worcester. The 24-year old woman has been charged with failing to slow for a pedestrian in the roadway, motor vehicle homicide, fleeing the scene of an accident involving death and personal injury, and failure to file an accident report. The fatal hit and run accident claimed the life of an 83-year old man crossing the street. The woman allegedly struck the man and failed to stop the car at any point.

The unexpected loss of a loved one can be an understandably traumatic experience. The impact of a fatal accident can lead to emotional and financial harm for a victim’s family members. The legal system recognizes this by allowing victims’ family members to file a wrongful death lawsuit when a loved one has been wrongfully killed. Family members of victims may receive any number of damages, including pain and suffering damages, medical and funeral expenses, lost prospect of inheritance and loss of support and services.

Compensation will depend on factors surrounding a fatal accident, as well as characteristics of the victim. Cause of action for a wrongful death lawsuit simply requires that a victim’s family members establish that the responsible party is liable for negligence. Typically, citations or criminal charges associated with the fatal accident will serve to establish the negligence of the responsible party and that party’s liability for damages.

The loss of companionship may be just one of the many losses families of a lost loved one experience. Legal options exist for family members whose loved ones are wrongfully killed to recover damages for the harm.

Source: NewsTelegram.com, “Police charge Leicester woman in fatal hit-and-run in Worcester,” Scott J. Croteau, April 22, 2014

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