Worcester woman allegedly causes drunk driving car crash

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2014 | Car Accidents

A Massachusetts’ state trooper was recently hit by an alleged drunk driving while in his police vehicle. The trooper was treated at a local hospital and released. The alleged drunk driver, a woman from Worcester, was charged with OUI and failure to obey a Massachusetts Turnpike sign, negligent operation of her vehicle in a Massachusetts Turnpike construction zone and a Massachusetts Turnpike passing violation.

Car accident victims may suffer serious injuries, the full extent of which may not become known until days after the accident. This unexpected intrusion into the life of a car accident victim may lead to medical expenses, lost wages and other unexpected costs. The consequences of the accident can also take a physical and emotional toll on the victim, in addition to the financial one.

Because of this, victims of a car crash may be able to recover for damages suffered from the negligent driver responsible for the accident. This can be particularly true when the victim was injured in a drunk driving accident. This is because charges and citations issued in relation to the accident are commonly considered evidence of negligence. The process typically involves a claim the victim makes against the negligent driver for the driver’s liability in the accident and the negligent driver’s insurance company is usually then involved in providing compensation to the victim for damages when the claim is successful.

Victims of car accidents can suffer physical, financial and pain and suffering emotional damages. Getting the right information can help a victim evaluate the damages suffered and better understand the process of bringing a claim.

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