Holiday season brings a greater number of dog bites

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2013 | Animal Bites

The U.S. Postal Service reports that December is the worst month for dog bites. Additionally, it reports that December is the worst month for dog-related injuries. One reason for this is that during the holiday season, mail carriers are, of course, delivering a greater volume of mail and holiday packages. In the calendar year from July 2012 through the end of June 2013, 2,700 dog bites took place. The postal service hopes to remind people of the importance of responsible pet ownership.

Dog bites can result in substantial injuries. Those who have suffered a serious injury from a dog bite may experience physical pain, as well as emotional pain. This is because physical and emotional trauma can result from a dog attack. Because of this, liability of pet owners may extend to compensating victims for the harm suffered which can sometimes include scarring and disfigurement a victim may carry through life. Recognizing the potentially long-term impact of a dog bite injury, the legal process allows victims to bring a claim for personal injury.

A victim injured by a dog bite may be able to bring a dog bite claim against the pet owner to recover damages. Possible damages that may be recovered can include medical expenses and pain and suffering damages. Compensation may be awarded to the victim of a dog bite injury in Massachusetts based on the concept that pet owners are strictly liable for the harm a pet causes. This helps to protect victims of dog attacks.

Any victim of a dog attack wishing to bring a claim for damages against the pet owner can seek the advice and guidance of a trained personal injury attorney. This may better help a victim understand the damages that may be available to aid with as complete a recovery as possible in the victim’s individual circumstances.

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