Massachusetts’ truck accident results in death of motorcyclist

| Nov 27, 2013 | Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can result in overwhelming harm which is why the legal system seeks to protect the interests of victims.

A recent head-on collision between a truck and a motorcycle in a neighboring Massachusetts community left the motorcyclist dead. A lumber truck collided with the motorcycle which resulted in a fiery head-on collision. The truck belonged to a lumber and building materials company. The truck driver suffered injuries that were described as minor and was treated at an area hospital; the fire caused significant damage to the cab of the truck. Though the cause of the collision has not been released, the Massachusetts State Police Accident Investigation Team was called in to assist with the investigation.

Truck accidents that result in fatalities may leave surviving family members facing an unbearable loss, as well as financial damages that may only contribute to the emotional strain the family is experiencing. In circumstances when the truck driver is to blame for the truck accident, family members of lost loved ones may be able to bring a claim for damages against either the truck driver, truck company, or both.

Whether or not a claim for damages can be brought against the truck driver and the truck company depends on the nature of the relationship between the two parties. Regardless, if a negligent party was responsible for causing a death, or injuries, to the victim, either the surviving victim or family members of a deceased victim may be able to recover damages for the harm. Circumstances in which a truck driver may be considered negligent, and responsible for an accident, include if the driver was operating as an inattentive or unqualified truck driver, experiencing truck driver fatigue or speeding.

A variety of damages may be available to surviving family members depending on the unique circumstances of the situation and the loss. A personal injury attorney can help a family evaluate these factors and determine the best course of action for the individual family.

Source: Hamilton-Wenham Patch, “Motorcyclist Dead After Fiery Head-on Crash with Lumber Truck,” Robert Gates, Nov. 21, 2013

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