Worcester area motorcycle accident injures motorcycle rider

| Oct 31, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident victims have legal remedies and recourse if injured by a negligent driver.

A recent motorcycle crash caused a 21-year old man to have to be flown to a Worcester hospital.

The motorcycle rider was riding his motorcycle westbound when he crashed. The crash caused him to cross the center line into the eastbound lane where he was hit by a passenger vehicle. Police are not sure if the hit and run vehicle caused the first crash, although it was reported that they do not believe so; in any event, the crash reconstruction team is assisting with the investigation. The motorcycle rider was flown by helicopter to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Motorcycle accidents can occur without warning to motorcycle accident victims. This is because in two-thirds of motorcycle accidents, the driver of a passenger vehicle failed to yield the right of way to the motorcycle accident victim, causing the accident. As a result, motorcycle accident victims can suffer catastrophic injuries. These can include serious head, brain, neck and spinal cord injuries.

Motorcycle accident victims may find that following a motorcycle accident and the unexpected injuries that result, the victim needs help with unexpected costs. Motorcycle accident victims can face medical expenses and lost wages. In cases of permanent disability as a result of the accident, motorcycle accident victims can face future medical costs and lost-earning capacity. All of these damages may be recovered through a personal injury claim against the negligent driver.

A trained personal injury attorney can help a motorcycle accident victim evaluate the extent of the damages the victim has suffered. Following that, the victim may be able to recover damages to aid in a successful and complete recovery.

Source: Metro West Daily News, “Man flown to hospital after motorcycle crash in Framingham,” Oct. 20, 2013

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