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Worcester area motorcycle accident seriously injures rider

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident that left a motorcyclist critically injured remains under investigation by the

Worcester County District Attorney’s Office. The incident left the victim with severe injuries that required him to be stabilized and then transported to a local Massachusetts hospital. The motorcyclist was wearing a helmet, as required by Massachusetts law. Police reported that the bike was heading north when a passenger car made a left-hand turn in front of it, colliding with the motorcycle and seriously injuring the rider.

Motorcycles are almost always smaller than other vehicles on the road. This presents challenges for both motorcyclists and drivers. Since motorcycles are smaller visual targets, they are often missed by negligent drivers, such as distracted drivers whose eyes aren’t always on the road. These drivers may demonstrate a failure to yield to oncoming motorcyclist traffic. When a motorcycle collision results, injured motorcycle accident victims may have recourse through the legal system for the damages suffered as a result.

Injured motorcyclists may be able to recover damages for a variety of injuries and recovery-associated costs through a personal injury claim. The liability of the negligent party rests on the carelessness, or negligence, of the negligent party. Usually, for instance, the driver making a rushed or impulsive left-hand turn is the negligent driver in an accident. This is true of many auto accidents and can also commonly prove true in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycles are subject to a special vulnerability on the road which makes the possibility of catastrophic injuries more likely in the event of a collision. A trained personal injury lawyer can ensure that the rights of an injured motorcycle victim are not left vulnerable after a wreck.

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