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Massachusetts dog attack kills family dog and injures man

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2013 | Animal Bites

In Massachusetts, dog bite claims serve to protect victims from the often unexpected disruption to their lives created by a dog bite injury.

In nearby Lowell, an animal attack recently left a family dog dead and a man with bite injuries to his hand. The animal attack incident drove the family, including a woman and her 10-month old child, out of their apartment to wait for animal control to remove the dog. An acquaintance of the family brought the dog inside the apartment when it attacked, and killed, the family’s dog. One man remained in the apartment and tried to control the dog with sticks and chairs but received bite wounds to his hand in the process.

Animal attacks can be particularly alarming and sometimes present themselves without warning. In their wake can follow serious injury, physical pain and emotional trauma. Due to this, injured victims may be able to recover damages for medical expenses as well as pain and suffering. This is typically achieved through a personal injury dog bite claim against the pet owner.

A dog bite injury claim for compensation of injuries and damages is based on the liability of the pet owner to the victim. In Massachusetts, the pet owner is strictly liable for the harm the person’s pet causes. This means that the pet owner is liable for a dog attack, and the injuries that result, even if the owner did not necessarily do anything wrong in failing to protect the victim from the dog bite. This recognizes that the victim’s injuries are not dependent on what the pet owner did or did not do. As long as the injuries do not result from an action of the victim, such as teasing or tormenting the animal, the pet owner will be liable for the victim’s damages.

A dog attack can take a victim by surprise and leave lasting and, at times, devastating consequences. An animal bite claim ensures that the victim receives compensation for the damages the victim incurs as a result.

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