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Worcester intersection crash injures several

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2013 | Car Accidents

Many different types of victims can result from a car accident and the legal system provides ways to help them all.

Two vehicles recently collided at what has been described as a dangerous Worcester intersection. The accident left parties in both vehicles injured. Worcester police reported that the car crash occurred when a pickup truck was making a left hand turn. While making the turn, it collided with a tractor trailer truck. Both the driver of the pickup truck and one of the passengers was injured. In addition, the tractor trailer truck driver was also injured. All three injured parties went to the hospital.

All different types of victims in a car accident can bring a claim for damages and receive compensation. Victims can include passengers traveling in a vehicle in which the driver was negligent, or those traveling in a motor vehicle that is hit by a negligent driver. Even pedestrians can sometimes be injured in a car collision. The injured victim must prove liability of the negligent driver to receive compensation.

Typically, insurance companies are involved in the process of settling a claim for damages and for compensating the victim. Victims are often able to use police reports to successfully prove the claim of negligence against the driver responsible for the crash. If the driver is cited in association with the accident, this will also likely be in the police report and can be used as evidence of liability. Additionally, a driver taking a left turn is often, though not always, at fault in an accident. There are many ways to prove negligence and a trained legal professional can help evaluate and present a claim for damages.

When facing serious injury, victims should understand that the legal system provides options to help with the many financial and emotional costs of an accident. These options can be better understood with the help and guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney.

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