Motorcycle rider killed in nearby MA community

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents

Bringing a claim when a loved one has been lost can sometimes be an emotional situation that the legal system seeks to help families with.

A 33-year old motorcycle rider was recently killed in a nearby community in an collision with a car. The motorcycle accident occurred as the man was travelling north on the roadway and a car driven by a 48-year old woman exited a hospital and entered the roadway. Both drivers were taken to a nearby hospital where the motorcycle rider was pronounced dead and the woman was treated and released with non-life threatening injuries. The crash is being investigated by the accident reconstruction unit.

Motorcycle riders can commonly be victims of accidents involving car accidents because drivers, especially a distracted driver or one that is not being attentive, fail to spot them. Although motorcycles present smaller visual targets on the roadway, drivers who fail to exercise the appropriate amount of care in carefully examining the roadway when yielding to, and entering oncoming traffic, can face liability for injuries caused. Overall, in two-thirds of motorcycle collisions with cars, the driver of the car is liable for failure to yield to the motorcycle.

In a fatal motorcycle accident, surviving family members of the lost loved one may bring a wrongful death claim against the negligent driver for the damages the family has suffered. These damages can vary depending on the nature of the loss and the characteristics of the victim that was killed. For instance, children of a father killed in an accident may be able to recover damages for lost prospect of inheritance and the loss of support and services of the loved one. Additionally, medical and funeral expenses may be available to families coping with the unexpected loss of a loved one.

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