MA driver facing drug charges following serious crash

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2013 | Truck Accidents

A car accident can bring overwhelming, and unwelcome change, to the lives of victims which the legal system is designed to help them with.

A head-on crash in a nearby community in Massachusetts recently injured four people and two of them, a man and his 10-year old daughter, were left with life-threatening injuries following the car crash. The driver of one of the vehicles, a pickup truck, was arrested on drug charges for possession of Xanax. The Xanax pills were found in the truck and in the man’s sock. The driver who was arrested has previously been arrested for drug trafficking prescription drugs and other prescription drug charges.

When a beloved family member is injured in a car accident, families may face challenges they did not expect to face. Auto accidents can lead to serious injuries which can result in significant medical expenses and other costs. Head-on collisions can result in other unexpected challenges as well, including emotional pain and suffering.

A negligent driver, such as a drunk driver or one that is driving under the influence of drugs, may be liable to victims of the accident. Evidence of a crime (or traffic infraction) can be used as evidence of negligence when the crime played a role in causing the accident. It is possible for an injured victim to recover compensation for damages caused by the accident.

Car crash victims face many challenges. A trained legal professional may help guide Massachusetts victims through the legal process to ensure they receive an adequate recovery for the damages they have suffered.

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