Women injured in car accident taken to Worcester hospital

On Behalf of | May 2, 2013 | Car Accidents

Car accidents victims should be aware that the legal system recognizes how serious the injuries they have suffered can be.

A woman was taken to UMass Memorial hospital in Worcester following a recent car accident. The auto accident involved multiple vehicles and the details of it were somewhat chaotic at the scene. Three vehicles were involved in the multi-car crash and one person had to be extricated from a vehicle. The other people involved in the accident were not hospitalized and the injuries of the woman who was have not been undisclosed.

Auto accidents can have many causes and victims can have many different types of injuries, including serious injury. According the National Highway Safety Administration, every 10 seconds someone is involved in a car accident in the United States. It is not surprising, then, that the majority of personal injury claims made are following car accidents. This is because car accident victims can be left with a variety of damages for which they may find it necessary to seek compensation.

Those injured by a negligent driver may find that they have medical expenses or other damages following the accident. Damages that victims may be able to seek for injuries include those for medical expenses but also those for diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering and sometimes loss of consortium or affection. Negligent drivers, and often insurance companies, may be required to compensate injured victims through the legal process of a personal injury claim and lawsuit.

The liability of a negligent driver to an injured victim is important. Many victims may find themselves facing injuries and damages following a car collision for which the legal process seeks to offer help.

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