Hot weather may mean a rise in dog bite injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2012 | Animal Bites

With the summer months come high temperatures that can negatively affect not only residents, but also their pets. The heat can make many of us unpredictable and not as easygoing. Even the least among us, our pets, can get irritable and need more hydration, especially when spending large amounts of time out in the heat This can have significant effects on the behavior of even the best-behaved pet.

In at least one Massachusetts town, animal bites — in particular dog bites — have risen dramatically this summer. This statistic comes from the number of animal bites that are required by law to be reported to authorities whenever a victim of an attack seeks medical treatment. In fact, the number of dog bites in this particular Massachusetts town has actually hit what is believed to be an all-time record.

Many of these animal bites could have been prevented if the owner’s took their responsibility towards others seriously. Owners of pets must ensure the safety of others and protect them from being attacked.

When dogs or animals come in contact with people, obviously this is not a good time to allow the pet to be off leash. If someone, especially a stranger or a child, approaches the animal then it is often necessary for the owner to restrain the animal and request that the individual stay away.

Even if a pet does not show signs of aggression, and is otherwise fed, well-hydrated and cool, pet owners always need to be on guard about the dangers of a pet attacking an innocent victim.

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