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Our experience and expertise:

The Law Office of Bailey and Burke, has successfully represented thousands personal injury accident cases since 1971, and is a top rated Massachusetts personal injury accident law firm with a 99.6% success rate.

Handling pedestrian accident cases requires an expertise, and the Massachusetts accident attorneys at The Law Office of Bailey and Burke have the knowledge and experience in representing pedestrian victims of car accidents, truck accidents, bus collisions.

Types of pedestrian accidents:

The types of pedestrian accidents that our lawyers handle consist of, but are not limited to, pedestrians who are injured by a car or truck who failed to:

  • Yield right of way
  • Stop at a cross walk
  • Come to a complete stop at a stop sign
  • Stop before turning right on red at an intersection
  • Provide enough room for pedestrians on a street or road
  • Travel too fast down neighborhood streets

Compensation we will obtain for you:

As a pedestrian accident victim you are entitled to the following compensation that is applicable to you.

  1. Payment of your medical bills.
  2. Compensation for future medical care.
  3. Medical treatment, whether you have insurance or not.
  4. Reimbursement for your out of pocket expenses incurred.
  5. We will recover your loss of earnings and any future losses.
  6. Maximum recovery for pain and suffering of your physical and emotional injuries.

With an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer, who has a successful track record fighting insurance companies, you will receive all the compensation you are entitled to with The Law Office of Bailey and Burke at your side.

We use experts to prove your case:

Our pedestrian accident attorneys employ engineering experts who utilize reconstruction technology to demonstrate how the accident occurred. Such technology may be used to show fault or to show how the injury actually occurred. Our pedestrian accident lawyers will be able to determine when such experts are needed and how to best use them in negotiations with the insurance company to settle the case, or for use at trial.

Medical care:

If you need assistance obtaining the proper medical care for your injuries, we can help you. Our assistance entails fighting your own health insurance carrier to get authorization for proper medical treatment, or to get a second medical opinion for your injury.

Types of injuries:

The consequences of a pedestrian accident can be severe. A pedestrian accident may result in serious injuries, such as head injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, herniated or bulging discs, fractures, breaks, broken bones, neck injuries, back injuries, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, and muscle and ligament injuries.

No fees until you win:

We do not charge any fees unless and until we win your case. Our fees are based on a reasonable percentage of the amount we obtain for you. We never settle your case without your authorization.

Will my case settle out of court?

The pedestrian accident attorneys at The Law Office of Bailey and Burke will do everything possible to settle your case out of court. Based upon our experience, reputation, success, and diligent preparation of each case, most of our cases are settled without going to trial.

Speak to an attorney now:

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, we can help you. Please call us now at 1 (888) 368-0983 for an immediate, no obligation, free home, phone, or office consultation with our pedestrian accident attorneys.

Thank you for the taking the time to read about our law firm, and what we can do for you. We wish you a speedy recovery.